Bug Out Bag Starter Kit – Zombie Apocalypse

Bug Out Bag Starter Kit – Zombie Apocalypse by amberbassauthor featuring tech accessories Ok, so I’m always thinking what I’d want my characters to have in case of an emergency and they have to get out of dodge. Keeping in mind, these are in any of my EOTW type stories. I’ll come back later to… Continue reading Bug Out Bag Starter Kit – Zombie Apocalypse

Random Musings

A Post on Procrastination (Part 2)

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”   First, I just want to write a quick apology to my readers. While originally composing this post, I was interrupted. I realized that I needed to feed the dogs. Happy coincidence, that is a perfect example of what I want to illustrate to you… Continue reading A Post on Procrastination (Part 2)

Random Musings

A Little Bit About Me

Hmm, a little bit about me… Let’s see. What shall I say about Amber? (Oops! There I go again, doing that thing that I said I wouldn’t do. Third person.) Ok, start over.     Let’s see. What shall I say about myself? I love to read. I have what is arguably too many pets.… Continue reading A Little Bit About Me

Random Musings

A Post on Procrastination

  Are you one to procrastinate? While I myself don’t have this problem, I know that many people out there do. It is something that an individual can struggle with for their entire lives, always dealing with the bad habit of putting off until tomorrow that which should be done today. It is something that… Continue reading A Post on Procrastination