Bug Out Bag Starter Kit – Zombie Apocalypse

Bug Out Bag Starter Kit - Zombie Apocalypse
Ok, so I’m always thinking what I’d want my characters to have in case of an emergency and they have to get out of dodge. Keeping in mind, these are in any of my EOTW type stories. I’ll come back later to elaborate more, and talk about each of the items I picked, but until then…here’s one iteration. Just a few things I’d have in my bag, or my characters would, haha! I also have alternate versions for people with pets, children, elderly or infirm loved ones who would be with them, etc. This is more for a person traveling solo, keeping it light, and being ready to move on in case of emergency.
For all fans of #TheWalkingDead, #FearTheWalkingDead, #Zombies, or anything #Apocalypse related, here are my top sixteen items (at the moment, lol). #TWD #FearTWD 

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