Random Musings

A Post on Procrastination



Are you one to procrastinate?

While I myself don’t have this problem, I know that many people out there do. It is something that an individual can struggle with for their entire lives, always dealing with the bad habit of putting off until tomorrow that which should be done today. It is something that is often a learned behavior, “inherited” if you will from parental figures. Something witnessed as a child and put into practice as an adult, or even earlier!

So, for those of you who have this issue, I wanted to try and put myself in your place (as I said I don’t have an issue with procrastination) and write some tips on how you can curb this behavior. Exercises that you can do to turn it around and go from being a person who “puts off” to a person who “does now”!

So, first of all, get a pen and paper handy, as we are going to make a list.





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